Unreflective [adjective]

Definition of Unreflective:

absent-minded, unobservant

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreflective:

Sentence/Example of Unreflective:

Then with an unreflective inspiration: “Did you ever read about Launcelot and Guinevere?”

Let it not for a moment be supposed that men such as those we speak of are weak and unreflective.

Logical conduct is, then, conduct which aims to remove ambiguity and inhibition in unreflective conduct.

They are the spontaneous expression of careless, wanton, unreflective youth.

He had a curious singleness of purpose, as unreasoning and unreflective as an animal in search of food.

A correlate to the unreflective impersonal judgment is found in early custom.

The old, old problem forces itself on the most unreflective mind at every turn in the gay streets of Udaipur.

He could only fall in with her unreflective mood and leave the dreadful truth to its own evil time.

The light-hearted, luxurious, unreflective days were gone, never probably in our time to return.

Without stress and strain, without struggle, it just displaces the object which unreflective impulse had suggested.