Unreformed [adjective]

Definition of Unreformed:

bad, hopeless

Synonyms of Unreformed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreformed:

Sentence/Example of Unreformed:

It was the last chance of a minority under the unreformed procedure.

It was the famous "Three Kings" in its golden and unreformed days, but this they knew not.

But they were omnipotent in their control of the unreformed.

No parliament, reformed or unreformed, would have listened to such a proposition.

That he was unreformed his father felt too surely convinced, and he was accordingly again sent to sea.

They tried to persuade Lady Jane to accept the unreformed religion; but she steadily refused.

The “third day of the new calends” is the third of January of the unreformed Roman calendar.

The answer was the same as before; for the timid Emperor was now entirely fettered by the unreformed party.

There is something else than the mere alternative of absolute destruction or unreformed existence.

The personal preferences, prejudices, predilections, of the old and unreformed social polity remain.