Unregenerate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unregenerate:

And he turned from me fully convinced, I believe, that I was an unregenerate rogue.

I knew his views; perhaps I had shared them in some measure in my unregenerate days.

Droop had yielded to his thirst and was again sleeping the sleep of the unregenerate.

A corrupt, unregenerate heart, which is a hotbed and nursery of the devil.

They were, in a word, the owner of elephants and the unregenerate Dick.

The world, self, sin—these be the gods of the unregenerate soul.

He neither counts them as perfect nor repudiates them as unregenerate.

The unregenerate man could never rejoice in the divine holiness.

Yea, is it a whit better in the case of any unregenerate man on earth?

There is in the unregenerate a remnant of natural knowledge and conscience.