Unrelieved [adjective]

Definition of Unrelieved:


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Sentence/Example of Unrelieved:

And still there was no ray, nothing but unrelieved blackness.

She was dressed in white muslin, unrelieved by ornament or any suggestion of colour.

The sky was unrelieved by any further flashes of light for many minutes.

It was a toilsome and dreary march, unrelieved by aught to lessen the fatigue.

Ten years of it—ten years of dogged work and unrelieved failure.

In the unrelieved darkness of the night I slept there alone.

It looked a desolation, a poignant gloom, an unrelieved sorrow.

He wants the gloom of Haxard's death to remain in unrelieved inkiness at the end.

Morton Eden's reports to Grenville form an unrelieved jeremiad.

Not all the Orient has been given over to unrelieved despotism.