Unremembered [adjective]

Definition of Unremembered:

extinct, destroyed

Synonyms of Unremembered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unremembered:

Sentence/Example of Unremembered:

The street through which he walked was like an unremembered dream.

It had, indeed, been lost to the world, unremembered this many a year.

The bow-string is yet amongst us,—and you will perish in prison, unheard, unremembered!

The Life of unremembered ages stirred in multitudes about me.

That night Joan dreamed strange, weird, unremembered dreams.

This was the woman who had brought up her mother—her dear, unremembered mother.

They all died unnamed and unremembered except one, Cleostratus.

Morgue: The pantheon of the unremembered; Death's shop-window.

It is a place to remain unloved, unhonored, and unremembered.

Since unremembered time, the ants have had a great enemy, the Redheads.