Unremitting [adjective]

Definition of Unremitting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unremitting:

Sentence/Example of Unremitting:

Nelson watched it with unremitting and almost unexampled perseverance.

In most seasons, unremitting warfare must be kept up to check mildew.

He had proved it already by two years of unremitting and arduous care.

It is not possible to describe the unremitting and devoted attentions of her husband.

Sir James's activity in blockading the enemy was unremitting.

Perfection of style was his goal; and unremitting devotion to his ideal slew him.

His labors were unremitting, his recreations few and simple.

She was quiet, sensible, clever, and unremitting in her attention.

For a time he devoted his leisure hours to unremitting study.

What but such could have commanded the unremitting labors of that morning?