Unrepentant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unrepentant:

Now that she had time to think over her own tragedy, she was unrepentant.

Days passed; and he went about his lessons and his work, silent, grim, and unrepentant.

But he looked at her, unrepentant, with the light of triumph in his eyes.

But what of the unconverted—the unbelieving—the unrepentant—the unprepared?

They spoke a language which left no doubt as to the future of unrepentant sinners.

But I've been called it—and by lineal descendants of the Unrepentant Thief, too.

No, as a thief, an unrepentant, petty thief; and Jack will tell you that also.

I have not forgiven the unrepentant destroyers of the innocent.

She watched him closely for a moment or two, then, "Are you unrepentant?"

It is unrepentant and stubborn guilt alone which resists Him.