Unreported [adjective]

Definition of Unreported:

not listed

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Sentence/Example of Unreported:

This was in 1888, but belongs to this chapter of unreported history.

We cannot doubt that it is better for his fame that he was unreported.

Our cockaded army made its own history in its own unreported way.

I assure you that of late you have not spoken to any woman under fifty unnoted and unreported.

Unreported casualty to the football of the 85th Infantry Regiment of the enemy.

It was carried to an extreme point by the present parliament, the "unreported parliament" as it was called.

Its invective reaches us from all the mediaeval centuries; while monastic regularity has more commonly been unreported.

How long this period of development and experimentation required is unreported.

Certain general categories of items, such as household utensils and remains of foodstuffs, are absent and unreported.

His unreported eloquence has become matter of faith, and so it is likely to remain.