Unrevealed [adjective]

Definition of Unrevealed:

mental, private

Synonyms of Unrevealed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrevealed:

Sentence/Example of Unrevealed:

It is not for us to dogmatize on the unrevealed period of the “glorious appearing.”

That day and that hour are to be wrapt in unrevealed and impenetrable secrecy.

What is the ‘it’ that is unrevealed by the p. 75courteous Dr. Knapp?

That which she was, positively, was dark and unrevealed, it could not come forth.

The miracles wrought in my soul by this young girl will remain for ever unrevealed.

The vastness and the glory of this continent were yet unrevealed to us.

Reverently withdraw from things that are unrevealed, and dispute them not.

It is an unrevealed secret, and the right is not mine to say more than I have said.

Before them was a future, unrevealed, but infinitely better than what their past had been.

Prayer, which is an unrevealed transaction, beyond the region of the stars!