Unrevealing [adjective]

Definition of Unrevealing:

unwilling to decide

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrevealing:

Sentence/Example of Unrevealing:

Baffled for the moment, he was silent, watching her unrevealing face.

They are poker eyes—gray-blue, cold, penetrating, unrevealing.

The stout man was unknown to Ben, perhaps one of the replacements signed on at Kingston; a greasy, unrevealing face.

As Randal spoke thus at length, he watched anxiously his patron's reserved, unrevealing countenance.

Joy had burst asunder the last ligaments, so fretted away in unrevealing sorrow.

William here paused; again dropped the pebbles into the stream, and glanced furtively on the unrevealing face of the Earl.

The face of the American Indian is said to be unrevealing—to be a stoic mask under which his emotions are ever hidden.

She looked at me with the set, unrevealing expression which I had seen once or twice already.

It submerged at once, and went due south at twelve knots an hour below the unrevealing seas.

The straight, hard lines of her lean figure were a complement to her gleaming, unrevealing eyes.