Unrewarded [adjective]

Definition of Unrewarded:

free, voluntary

Synonyms of Unrewarded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrewarded:



Sentence/Example of Unrewarded:

Had they ever reflected on the heroism of women, on their self-denying, unrewarded labour?

For several minutes as they rushed from room to room the hunt was unrewarded.

The wives of the farm are the unnamed, unrewarded heroines of the border.

Then she went into some of the other class rooms, but her search was unrewarded.

There must have been a loss of economic power so that labor was unrewarded.

But yet, the service is not unrewarded—only a portion of the reward has come first.

Their first glance is unrewarded, but their second gives all they seek.

Nay, leave me not unrewarded, for even Phoebus sang for his reward.

A firm belief in Providential support has not been unrewarded.

It was not suggested that the unrewarded and self-denying life was perhaps the noblest.