Unrivalled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unrivalled:

But the finest object in this city is the quay, which is unrivalled by any I have seen.

On poor land they are unrivalled, except perhaps by the small Highlanders.

All the divinity of a god beams through this unrivalled perfection of form.

Lady Faulconcourt, art thou to be hailed as the unrivalled mother?'

In knowledge of the Traditions, in devotion, in piety, he was unrivalled.

Birmingham, too, is unrivalled in the world in the application of art to metal work.

At the management of the minds of men with whom he was actually in contact he was unrivalled.

It has an unrivalled location for future growth and permanence.

The result is a bridge that for massive solidity may be p. 319pronounced unrivalled.

The site is unrivalled for a temple in which all could worship with devotion.