Unsafe [adjective]

Definition of Unsafe:


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Sentence/Example of Unsafe:

Two at least have suffered demolition, and one is now closed as unsafe.

It is unsafe to establish dates for first discoveries, or for first settlements.

To venture back to Dublin would have been unsafe on every account.

What she longed to say was, "Why do you keep it there if it is so unsafe?"

I was ahead of John, picking the way; and I found, to my cost, that the way was unsafe.

Donkin's position in the forecastle was distinguished but unsafe.

"And even now my life is unsafe as if I were their enemy," said Belarab, mournfully.

Thus it is that the book before us is an unsafe guide on that point.

We would have struck a blow with the axe and declared it unsafe.

We are left in ignorance; and conjecture, though tempting, is unsafe.