Unsaid [adjective]

Definition of Unsaid:

not expressed or partially expressed

Synonyms of Unsaid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsaid:

Sentence/Example of Unsaid:

I had said it, unfortunately, and it could not be unsaid now without many explanations.

He called this to mind now, but it was already too late; what he had said could not be unsaid.

Masses were unsaid, churches had been stripped of their ornaments.

The girl would have given much to have unsaid it, to have given any sort of explanation.

Those words were effort enough, and had better have been unsaid.

I leave it unsaid how these words affected me, both then and for long afterwards.

But that could not be said till the other thing should be unsaid.

Edith had hardly known whether to say this or to leave it unsaid.

Lady Sandgate left the unsaid, in this connection, languish no longer than was decent.

For weal or woe, he could not go back and leave them unsaid.