Unsanitary [adjective]

Definition of Unsanitary:

dirty, unclean

Synonyms of Unsanitary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsanitary:


Sentence/Example of Unsanitary:

"But that would be unsanitary," piped a voice from the back of the room.

I am sure it is not necessary to tell you that such filth is unsanitary.

It was an unsanitary practice, but he had to admit that the patient was much improved.

They were clothed in rags and their dwellings were both miserable and unsanitary.

The pipes and drains were unsanitary, and the air was bad to breathe.

He said they were smashing up things that were ugly and unsanitary.

Poketown is unsanitary—so Dr. Poole says—and we know it's always been slovenly.

"That would be unsanitary, I think," said McIlvaine, frowning.

What idea can have been connected with such an unsanitary prejudice I cannot imagine.

They are unsanitary, hold the dust, and are not nearly as attractive as rugs.