Unscholarly [adjective]

Definition of Unscholarly:


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Sentence/Example of Unscholarly:

It is not of equal merit; it was expensive, too cumbersome, and often unscholarly.

These objections are not made by the unscholarly anthropologist alone.

Latin-English, whether scholarly or unscholarly, is the mediate tongue.

That this attitude of mind and these unscholarly habits often were his undoing, was inevitable.

It is a point which has been vastly overemphasised, but which it would be unscholarly and uncritical to pass over in silence.

Many of these have been not only apologetic, but unscholarly; that is, however, not the case with all.

That was an inflexible, an uncritical, an unscholarly position that was perilous.

The conditions of citizenship in the kingdom of God are so simple that even the unscholarly may understand and obey.

As a schoolboy I used to hear the belief in the existence of such a poet derided as "uncritical" and "unscholarly."

The plaintiff alleged that the work was unscholarly and injurious to his reputation, and craved an interim injunction.