Unscrupulously [adverb]

Definition of Unscrupulously:


Synonyms of Unscrupulously:

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Sentence/Example of Unscrupulously:

She had power, and she was using it unscrupulously for selfish ends.

But many writers are most unscrupulously themselves when they are young.

Ah, she had always been diabolically clever, unscrupulously ambitious!

To be quite frank, he seems to me to pursue it ruthlessly, cruelly, unscrupulously.

Have poor Indians been as unscrupulously corrupted as cheated?

McDowell had been maligned almost as unscrupulously as Pope.

"I knew that from the first," answered Lundell unscrupulously.

Sophia unscrupulously usurped all the prerogatives and honors of royalty.

You have gone your way boastfully, arrogantly, unscrupulously and it has been the fool's way.

Ease, health, and comfort had been unscrupulously sacrificed to show.