Unseated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unseated:

Like a good pose in the saddle, nothing could ever unseat the equanimity of Elizabeth.

Shall the word of such a one as Macer the Christian, unseat my trust in such a one as Fronto?

It means when you are through That you don't want your daddy to Unseat you, as he used to do.

There was not a horse on the plantation, nor in the county which could unseat him.

The horses tried every means to unseat their rider, but in vain.

How impossible it all looked—to unseat from this high rock the Empire of France!

I struggled, but the snow was soft and I sank the deeper, and could not unseat her.

But all the bull's furious bucking and jumping could not unseat the rider.

Some day he will go back and endeavour to unseat the individual who supplanted him.

It took an upheaval little short of an earthquake to unseat him.