Unseeing [adjective]

Definition of Unseeing:


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Sentence/Example of Unseeing:

And then I picked it up again, and gazed at it with hard, unseeing eyes.

He waved wildly, frantically, but the big ship drifted on, unseeing.

He stood there quite still, watching his movements with unseeing eyes.

The glance was unseeing and staring, a fascinated glance; but he did not turn to look after us.

Disregarding or unseeing her outstretched hand, he went on and left her there alone.

She looked up at him as if her soul were lost in her music, with unseeing eyes.

She turned, gazing at the woman with staring, unseeing eyes.

He gazed at her long with a dull, unintelligent, unseeing expression.

The Earthling looked off, unseeing, into a far corner of the room.

He stood like a figure of bronze, staring with unseeing eyes to the far horizon.