Unseemliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Unseemliness:

Other artists as well as poets should be warned against meanness or unseemliness.

Habit blinds people to the unseemliness of a term like this.

The unseemliness was in the mode of discussion, not in the absurdity of the subject.

Apart from its unseemliness, the expression is powerfully appropriate.

They knew the unseemliness of being spectators—nay, they were delicate.

The unseemliness of the thing was on the minds of all these dozen to twenty gentlemen.

And the unseemliness is precisely what we have to account for; that is our enigma.

I hunt but seldom, purely through disgust of their unseemliness.

Accepting her view of the gross unseemliness of his mention of the subject, the young fellow's anger gave way to contrition.

She talked herself into such warmth that she forgot the unseemliness of her being there with him.