Unsentimental [adjective]

Definition of Unsentimental:

realistic, unembellished

Synonyms of Unsentimental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsentimental:

Sentence/Example of Unsentimental:

It was exactly that—that brusque, unsentimental appeal—that Michael needed.

The doctor, who is ordinarily so scientific and unsentimental, has fallen in love with Allegra.

Both have the common-sense view of life; both are unsentimental.

But Chets own hearty and unsentimental greeting assured her.

It is only in practical, unsentimental England that these things are at all possible.

We do not understand each other, I fear, because I am so unsentimental.

What could possess him to be so provoking and unsentimental to-night?

They may fall in love with an unsentimental man, but they can never be happy with him.

He's unsentimental and level headed, and doesn't like marriage.

Garry—unsentimental Garry—blinked as the car shot down the lane.