Unserviceable [adjective]

Definition of Unserviceable:


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Sentence/Example of Unserviceable:

There he found that only 25 wagons had come in and several of these were unserviceable.

To take a ship to pieces when she becomes old and unserviceable.

This meant that two-fifths of the reserve was unserviceable.

They were often unserviceable at the very time their services were most required.

"Raging flame," note; unserviceable;—flame of the black grain.

And yet the young man was not ungenerous, not untruth-telling, not unserviceable.

Not thin, unserviceable affairs, but light as to actual weight.

Stoneman sent all his unserviceable horses and men to Falmouth.

We certainly shall be unserviceable if we are persons of that type.

He was short of transportation and half of what he had was unserviceable.