Unsettledness [noun]

Definition of Unsettledness:

constant motion; discontent

Synonyms of Unsettledness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsettledness:

Sentence/Example of Unsettledness:

But the repose he sought he scarce for an hour realized.-36- Undreamed-of turmoil kept him in a whirl of unsettledness.

It would have been dismal to add idleness and unsettledness to the discouragement caused by such a beginning of our voyage.

To this the humane liberal retorts: The unsettledness of many is only your product, Philistine!

It is, however, an unsettledness very unlike that of the earlier time.

In the language of the clergy of the time, she "had a degree of unsettledness and defect of understanding."