Unsettlement [noun]

Definition of Unsettlement:

uproar, confusion

Synonyms of Unsettlement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsettlement:

Sentence/Example of Unsettlement:

How long, it may be asked, did this period of unsettlement last?

There has thus been unsettlement of a most profound character, and it is unsettlement upon a really first-class issue.

Naturally one did not notice or foresee the trend of his unsettlement.

The result of all this agitation is an unsettlement that paralyzes business.

It is occasioned by an unsettlement and it aims at overcoming a disturbance.

That, however, was denied him, and the period of his journeyings was little else than a season of unsettlement and suspense.

But the same letter told me of the unsettlement thus early of his half-formed Paris plans.

He need not inquire to know that the time was one of revolution, change, and unsettlement.

The most significant function of the armies is one which is quite frequently overlooked: their power as agencies of unsettlement.

But if a moment of general uncertainty and unsettlement came, they might prove a dangerous disturbing force.