Unshapely [adjective]

Definition of Unshapely:


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Sentence/Example of Unshapely:

Her calico frock was voluminous, unshapely and starch-clean.

Her naked feet, spread to the floor, showed white but unshapely.

These were not gilded, but they were just as thick and unshapely as the first ones were.

On them we should see strange, unshapely monsters creeping about.

They could see the unshapely foot day by day with their own eyes—and so could their neighbors.

He was deep-chested, thick-legged, large-muscled, but unshapely.

Here it is not the crystal that is wanted, but the unshapely boulder.

This bird, if not the plainest dressed, is the most unshapely in the woods.

He saw her pour the powder from her hand on its broad, unshapely pan.

Sack-cloth disfigured my unshapely limbs and my skin from long neglect had become black as an Ethiopian's.