Unshared [adjective]

Definition of Unshared:

alone, distinct

Opposite/Antonyms of Unshared:

Sentence/Example of Unshared:

There is a common knowledge, unshared by any one but you and me.

Throne, unshared and single, that disdainest a Brentford competitor!

This was her first unshared sorrow, and she longed to be away, alone.

Their impulse to solitude was unshared by the dwellers in Athens.

As far as she could see, they were unshared by any person present.

If only he would not stun her with those fiery crashes of unshared passion!

Life since I knew you has no value in my eyes if unshared by you.

In that happiness, one-sided and unshared, she forgot everything else.

How strangely far away I am from you—all the experiences so unshared and different.

So I moved away, leaving the fair Florence to her blushes and her happiness, unshared by any but her friend.