Unshaven [adjective]

Definition of Unshaven:

uneven, irregular

Synonyms of Unshaven:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unshaven:

Sentence/Example of Unshaven:

Unwashed and unshaven, he saunters moodily about, weary and dejected.

At night he would rub his unshaven cheek on Sue's small cheek and tickle her.

His all-night ride from Cherbourg had left him disheveled, unshaven and hungry.

It lit his unshaven face from his unwashed brow to his chin.

A little yellow, ragged, lame, unshaven scarecrow of a chap.

I was unshaven and unwashed, and my heart was faint within me.

His unshaven companion buckled in the middle and fell to the floor.

Bones was in the forest when the letter came to him, unshaven, weary, and full of trouble.

The man projected his unshaven chin, cunningly interrogative.

At her touch the haggard, hopeless, unshaven face was lifted toward her.