Unsightliness [noun]

Definition of Unsightliness:


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Sentence/Example of Unsightliness:

Not even in the wet, greasy street could she find any unsightliness that afternoon.

Because of the unsightliness of my appearance I have been driven away from my home.

To the unsightliness of this picture is added an unstable seat.

Illness, ugliness, unsightliness of any kind, had a horror for Mr. Saltus.

This is easily accomplished without causing any unsightliness by placing an arch over the path.

There was a full assortment of the halt, the hump-backed, and the crippled,—all degrees of sightlessness and unsightliness.

Nothing daunted by the sight of her own unsightliness, she took a bucket and went into the back yard.

In many cases all that is necessary is to veneer the face sides, thus covering and hiding any unsightliness.

It was in the new-born grass blades, thrusting up their delicate heads to rid the world of winter's unsightliness.

We exclaimed at the unsightliness of the huge skeleton lettering proclaiming to all the world that a maschinen-Fabrik was below.