Unsleeping [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unsleeping:

These were tended by the crones, unseen, unsleeping—not always unheard.

It was only, indeed, his unsleeping caution that had saved him.

Nor in the duties of judge and governor did he relax the unsleeping vigilance of the general.

All night long she had been there unsleeping, hollow-eyed, and worn with tearless grief.

The man was still at his post, his unsleeping eyes ever watchful.

Their unsleeping watchfulness of British commerce is in the way.

She told him that while he had been unsleeping last night neither had she slept.

And from that day forward he was at her—respectful, but unsleeping.

Far into the night he lay thus, unsleeping, now and again uttering that low moan.

Hollow-eyed and unsleeping, they continued their task of reviving people suffocated by the fumes or strangled with ashes.