Unsmiling [adjective]

Definition of Unsmiling:

somber, humorless

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsmiling:

Sentence/Example of Unsmiling:

What could be hidden, he thought, beneath the mask of that unsmiling face?

"I'm all ready to tell you about it now," volunteered the unsmiling Issy.

Mistress Wilding met him with unsmiling, but not ungentle face.

She went to the front door and opened it with an unsmiling face.

She saw only friendliness and some dark, unsmiling mood in his.

His unsmiling eyes are looking somberly, sternly, accusingly into hers.

"Fifteen widgeon went off when I returned to the blind," he said, unsmiling.

The girl who stood before the mirror, grave and unsmiling, was a stranger.

Courtier saw Miltoun come forward, and stand, unsmiling, deathly pale.

He was just the same, grave and unsmiling, as upon the occasion of their first meeting.