Unsocial [adjective]

Definition of Unsocial:

unfeeling, uninterested

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsocial:

Sentence/Example of Unsocial:

And it was not from any unsocial habit that he fell into this restraint.

And besides, there are now and then with me unsocial moments when I fancy I like to be alone.

For the greater part of the time we remained as unsocial as the weather was unpleasant.

But, as other things improve, this unsocial feeling will dissolve.

The dissenter, who declined to pay church-rates, was an unsocial person.

The unsocial smoke was at length ended, and the negotiation began.

I was twice her age, an awkward, unsocial man, that would have blighted her youth.

An unsocial man is as devoid of influence as an ice-peak is of verdure.

The natural relations of man to man are those of an unsocial sociableness.

"All right, lazy, unsocial creatures," said Grace good-humoredly.