Unsolicited [adjective]

Definition of Unsolicited:

unasked for

Synonyms of Unsolicited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsolicited:

Sentence/Example of Unsolicited:

Yet, unsolicited as he was by me, how could I think his generous offers insincere?

The gentleman, unsolicited, gave the poor object a shilling.

"I am glad to hear you say the order was unsolicited," said the captain shortly.

Even then he did not linger; he did not even give her, unsolicited, one last kiss.

It is now nearly fourteen years since you did me the unsolicited honor to nominate me to represent you in the State Legislature.

Nothing ever pleased Tam so much as this unsolicited testimonial to his prowess.

On what did that sentiment, unsolicited and unrecompensed, rest?

An unsolicited testimonial to one of the officers was given.

There is nothing so offensive to patrons of a free institution as to have unsolicited opinions and advice offered by employees.

Or is her heart constant to him only when unsolicited by anyone else?