Unsparingly [adverb]

Definition of Unsparingly:

with a free hand

Synonyms of Unsparingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsparingly:

Sentence/Example of Unsparingly:

He snatched the club from the hands of the ruffian, and dealt about unsparingly.

This, addressed to the man whom he had been satirizing so unsparingly, was inconceivable!

"You beg the question," said the minister, as unsparingly as if she were a man.

Vivid expression must be sought, must be labored for unsparingly.

But coercion was applied as unsparingly as ever, and almost with cheerfulness.

This weapon was a very powerful one, and Paul used it unsparingly.

Are we to suppress this deadly truth, or to utter it unsparingly?

Their lives and actions were openly and unsparingly impeached.

"And you the daughter of a deacon," I continued, unsparingly.

She felt it her duty to speak, and she did so, kindly and affectionately, but unsparingly.