Unspeakably [adverb]

Definition of Unspeakably:


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Sentence/Example of Unspeakably:

It was unspeakably humiliating to be told that she had overstepped her authority.

He slouched and shuffled in his walk, and he was unspeakably dirty.

The explanation was at once obvious and unspeakably foolish.

They bored him unspeakably, and the performance lasted half an hour.

He says the name of our yacht, Hittie Magin, is unspeakably vulgar.

He stared about him sheepishly, bewildered and abashed, and unspeakably aggrieved.

I hear that question, and I am unspeakably overwhelmed by it.

Got it, and was unspeakably glad; opened it, and found nothing in it!

If so, great, unspeakably great, are the glories which await thee!

The length of the engagement seemed to him unspeakably cruel.