Unspecified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unspecified:

Not "a dog" or "the dog" but "dog" unspecified and absolute.

He also omits many headings in the bibliography of geology, India, and other unspecified large fields.

As a matter of fact many of our best drinking waters have all sorts of unspecified qualities.

They received £100 a year from unspecified holdings in Lancashire and had there a steward of courts at £1.

Before this, the great games so often vowed, were constantly rated at a certain expense: these first at an unspecified amount.

From another document we learn that certain tenants of Grasmere pay an unspecified sum for the brewery of Keldbergh.

A voluntary rate took its place, and Rydal contributed its unspecified portion to this for the last time in 1870.

Attorney Cooley asked this witness about the speech made at an unspecified street meeting.

Blattella germanica and/or Blattella vaga Viruses: Unspecified strains of poliomyelitis virus, p. 103.

Supella supellectilium Viruses: Unspecified strain(s) of poliomyelitis virus, p. 103.