Unspiritual [adjective]

Definition of Unspiritual:

thinking mainly about physical things

Synonyms of Unspiritual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unspiritual:

Sentence/Example of Unspiritual:

It brings no solace to the unspiritual man to be told he is mistaken.

The Old Testament, for example, presented a most unspiritual appearance.

In all ages of the world the unspiritual are the majority,—the spiritual the exceptions.

The clearest proof of an unspiritual mind is self-occupation.

The one, the untrue, must be brought as a sacrifice; to wit, the unspiritual one.

Much that was unspiritual, all that was merely speculative, they passed by.

It could mean nothing to Walter in his yet unspiritual state.

Brooding on it, she closed her heart to her unspiritual husband.

Mrs. Eddy lost her case, as the court was too unspiritual to reduce her "metaphysics" to dollars and cents.

But, if we may believe the biographers of Chaitanya, the atmosphere of the town was sceptical and unspiritual.