Unspoilt [adjective]

Definition of Unspoilt:

honest, unsophisticated

Synonyms of Unspoilt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unspoilt:

Sentence/Example of Unspoilt:

He's as clever as you please, and with it all as obliging and unspoilt as possible.

It has been so tampered with and restored that little remains that is unspoilt.

They are spoilt or unspoilt, but in the same proportion as the rest of their sex.

A sweet face she had, a face which glowed with health, and was unspoilt by cosmetics.

Miss Ware herself, while sensible of her riches, was unspoilt by them.

For Pickersdyke it had been a night of pure joy, unspoilt by any qualms of conscience.

She sat by me at dinner, but on my left, and I could only see the unspoilt half of her face.

It is exceedingly quaint and, although restored, unspoilt in appearance.

The aspect of the village is as unspoilt as any in the old Berkshire by-ways.

He was far too good-natured and unspoilt, and I was too fond of him.