Unspoken [adjective]

Definition of Unspoken:

not said

Synonyms of Unspoken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unspoken:

Sentence/Example of Unspoken:

When this room had last been lighted, the parable of the Virgins of the Lamps was yet unspoken.

And a second time he nodded acquiescence to his unspoken thought.

"I don't understand this," said Greer, in answer to Madden's unspoken perplexity.

A rattle of firearms far off on the other side of the river left it unspoken.

She paused, and Wrayson, without hesitation, answered her unspoken question.

There are curious precedents on record for the printing of unspoken speeches.

"She has gone," she said, in answer to my unspoken question.

She nodded as if giving emphatic assent to his unspoken question.

She could have cried out in anguish at this answer to her unspoken question.

And the girl nodded quick agreement with his unspoken words.