Unsteadily [adverb]

Definition of Unsteadily:


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Sentence/Example of Unsteadily:

“I think I will go up and call on William,” she said, unsteadily.

He rose to his feet, so unsteadily that his chair fell over with a bang.

He goes off unsteadily; then from out of the luminous mists there appears the Jam-wagon.

He found himself able to rise and his legs carried him unsteadily to the door.

"It is not the prize that we wish," returned Madge unsteadily.

The one next to me has them all pinched to death, breathed Harrow unsteadily.

I wish you—I wish I could choose—everything for you, he said unsteadily.

You—you find a child—you leave a woman, she said unsteadily.

Unsteadily as she spoke, there was so strange a power in her voice that Theo obeyed her.

The clouds had lifted as he walked swiftly but unsteadily onward.