Unstinted [adjective]

Definition of Unstinted:


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Sentence/Example of Unstinted:

She and he had toiled side by side like real partners; her efforts had been real and unstinted.

He will give as freely and with as unstinted self-sacrifice as they.

His fear of this catastrophe was being expressed in unstinted terms.

There were signs everywhere of capacity, and unstinted expenditure of money.

But in this free, sylvan life there was the grace of an unstinted hospitality.

Every writer on this battle has given them unstinted praise.

The marvel is that in unstinted measure she combined them both.

And you dont know the half of it, said Bill with unstinted fervor.

Not only land for the landless, but land for all, and in unstinted quantity.

For our men have won the unstinted praise of everyone for their action on that morning.