Unstintingly [adverb]

Definition of Unstintingly:

with a free hand

Synonyms of Unstintingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unstintingly:

Sentence/Example of Unstintingly:

I cannot formulate the things you do, though my friends praise me unstintingly.

Unstintingly he permitted the use of his discoveries, and was happy when he could benefit the public by his newly found treasures.

He was gratified when they unstintingly praised his personal appearance, although it was only what he had expected.

Mr. McGowan was unstintingly obeying the command when a loud knock jarred the side door.

The contention so far had been that with the surfeit, coal would be so cheap that even the poorest could burn it unstintingly.

Serious men enamored of voluntary seclusion carved it unstintingly and set its columns quaintly in triangular order.

Racine had produced a play from Euripides, the “Phdra,” on which he had unstintingly bestowed his best genius and his best art.

Home to their beloved land for which they fought and for which they unstintingly offered their lives to defend.

That influence he had unstintingly exerted on behalf of the Pretender, to whom he was profoundly devoted.

Only very small souls could grudge him what he's earned when he's worked so hard and given himself so unstintingly.