Unstressed [adjective]

Definition of Unstressed:

faint, soft

Synonyms of Unstressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unstressed:

Sentence/Example of Unstressed:

This rhythm is obtained by mingling stressed and unstressed syllables.

The number of unstressed syllables at the end of a line is not fixed.

The former, the rest, is a pause used to take the place of an unstressed element.

The monosyllabic foot in which the unstressed element is missing offers no difficulty.

Began: notice the quality of the vowel in the first, unstressed syllable of this word.

You use more force for the stressed than for the unstressed vowels, that is to say, you put more breath into them.

With dead load only the original section would be stressed to 2·3 tons per square inch, the new section being then unstressed.

His unstressed observation hit a bell in her head, and set it reverberating.

The grouping of stressed and unstressed syllables determines the rhythm.

In very long words the due alternation of stressed and unstressed vowels was not easy to maintain.