Unstudied [adjective]

Definition of Unstudied:


Synonyms of Unstudied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unstudied:

Sentence/Example of Unstudied:

She was surprised to see him so unstudied, so uncritical, so humorously anecdotal.

Carew lacks the dewy freshness, the unstudied grace of Herrick.

Raymond, after an instant's surprise, made a response in his unstudied vernacular.

In the unstudied speech, nothing is said about their speech.

The atmosphere that surrounds him should be bright with unstudied gaiety.

The compliment was unstudied and pleasant, but she steeled herself for her task.

They saw fossils in rocks, but the wonders of geology were unstudied by them.

With her conversation he could not quarrel; what there was of it was crisp, unstudied, understanding.

“Every one seems to like her,” said Lady Demesne with an unstudied effect of pathos.

His style is careless, though it is probable that the carelessness is not unstudied.