Unsubstantial [adjective]

Definition of Unsubstantial:


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Sentence/Example of Unsubstantial:

Within a minute afterwards, he was, to all outward appearance, as unsubstantial as ever.

Were I a fat man I could not bear it, but I am as unsubstantial as they themselves.

Scott, in Old Mortality, uses it in the moral sense, "unsubstantial."

No darkness of the sky, or concentration of unsubstantial vapour.

That was why the glories were so unsubstantial, and why the dream must end at midnight.

The smoke gave them a wavering aspect as though their shapes were unsubstantial.

For now the triumph faded away, the unsubstantial pageant was no more.

Men were dissatisfied with the unsubstantial dream of Platonist and Stoic.

All the fishing I did that year was in the prolific but unsubstantial waters of dreamland.

Then, silent and unsubstantial as a shadow, Emmy Turnbull slipped into her seat.