Unsubstantiated [adjective]

Definition of Unsubstantiated:

questionable, unproven

Synonyms of Unsubstantiated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsubstantiated:



Sentence/Example of Unsubstantiated:

As yet he could not reveal his unsubstantiated information to another.

He conscientiously avoids the vague, the doubtful, the unsubstantiated.

The articles seemed woven of fact, but she could not accept them unsubstantiated.

But he couldn't prove it, and she wasn't likely to accept his unsubstantiated word.

Then follows the unsubstantiated story which has done duty for Shakspeare and many other poets.

There is a tradition, unsubstantiated, that these stalls came from Cockersand abbey in 1543.

Meanwhile, young ladies and gentlemen, let no wild romances or unsubstantiated rumors shake your minds.

Criticism and comment on well-known and admitted facts are very different things from the assertion of unsubstantiated facts.

The gigantic, unsubstantiated tower rose incredibly far toward the sky.

He failed to winnow the sound historical material from that which was unsubstantiated or improbable.