Unsuitably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Unsuitably:

If two people are unsuitably mated, the engagement should be broken off.

I am under the impression that more than one of her residences has been found to be suitably or unsuitably haunted.

She held out an unsuitably clad foot for Peggy to admire, but Peggy was thinking of other matters than French heeled slippers.

She is a healthy, full-blown young woman, smartly—and unsuitably—attired in the very latest fashion of Kensington High Street.

The others noticed too that she was unsuitably dressed and that her earrings and diamonds were out of place.

He was tall and lanky, absurdly and unsuitably dressed, to the English onlooker, in a white alpaca suit and a shabby Panama hat.

The Frenchman's cook was unsuitably dressed, for she had on but a thin chiffon blouse.

Her hands were as the hands of a scullery-maid taken out, most unsuitably, to dinner.