Unsupported [adjective]

Definition of Unsupported:


Synonyms of Unsupported:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsupported:

Sentence/Example of Unsupported:

Mattie, Adam's wife, had long dealt with the problem of an unsupported existence.

Both testimonies are unsupported by any collateral evidence.

Mrs. Travers let fall her arm and began to retrace her steps, unsupported and alone.

He was on his feet, unsupported, and looking expectantly toward the door.

On prejudiced or unsupported judgment the Master set His disapproval.

The traditions on the subject are unsupported, ex parte, and legendary.

It is not a Utopian and visionary theory, unsupported by experience.

I had convinced her with my unsupported word; but I intended to show her the evidence.

But was there anything else other than the mother's unsupported story for you to go on and be guided by?

At these times one page of fact is worth a volume of unsupported eulogium.