Unsurpassable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unsurpassable:

Their steadiness, their swiftness and exactitude were unsurpassable.

The famous and unsurpassable Burgundy was served with the roast.

Surely we cannot blame him for wishing to perpetuate what he held to be unsurpassable!

Few else could have written that unsurpassable lyric, Come into the Garden, Maud.

At least one of these, reproduced in Plate 31, is an unsurpassable triumph.

From this proceeded all his unsurpassable tricks and indomitable strength.

As leader-writer he is unequalled, and as a writer of obituary notices he is unsurpassable.

And Mr. Wyllys' deportment, tone, and conversation are unsurpassable.

The incomparable and unsurpassable, the grandest achievement of his architecture.

It is the one chance I get of listening to eloquence that I feel sure is unsurpassable.