Unsurpassed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unsurpassed:

Their mutton is unsurpassed; its flavor is delicate, and the flesh juicy and well intermixed with fat.

In the building as well as in the management of canoes they were unsurpassed.

The Countess of —— was an unsurpassed horsewoman, and rode constantly.

It was a small force, but its fighting quality was unsurpassed.

Its flowers must often have adorned Addie Tristram's unsurpassed loveliness.

In the pure mathematics Nulty is unsurpassed at home or abroad.

Mr. Lincoln had unsurpassed fitness for the task he had to execute.

There are several waterfalls, unsurpassed for picturesque beauty.

His banqueting-hall was unsurpassed by any other hall ever reared upon this globe.

The campaigns and battle-pieces of Thiers are unsurpassed in their kind.