Unsurprised [adjective]

Definition of Unsurprised:

not alarmed

Synonyms of Unsurprised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsurprised:

Sentence/Example of Unsurprised:

Why keep behind unexcited, unsurprised, while the doctor told his story?

She drove to the hotel and met the cordial, unsurprised greeting of the clerk.

There was on their thin little faces a patient and unsurprised resignation.

It was a woman's voice, pleasant, unsurprised, perfectly modulated.

In fact, the only unsurprised party to the transaction was the dame known as Nature.

Now and then a laborer passed them with an unsurprised greeting.

He looked down at her, unsurprised, and paused in his knocking.

The wittiest conversationalist that ever existed would be powerless in a circle of these modern "Unsurprised ones."

When Larry had first entered, she had merely given him an unsurprised "good-evening" and permitted him to pass on.

For Charlotte had come in with a platter, and Nan turned about, peacocking before her unsurprised gaze.